Fighting Acromegaly, Fibromyalgia and Mental Heath oh and I don’t want a Stannah Stair Lift Party!

I’m not a hypochondriac as many of my friends silently think to themselves (it’s ok, I get it), my path has been tough and long and it’s not over yet! Google Acromegaly and read what it is, I had that for 9 years.  The surgery to remove the brain tumour messed up my brain nearly killing me in my mums arms, destroying my metabolism, creating organic mood disorder and masking Fibromyalgia thus changing my life.  I still haven’t accepted becoming who I am and it the surgery was 10 years ago, the hardest part for me… my SIZE, PAIN, HEALTH and loss of friends. 

Google Fibromyalgia and see what it is, I live with it daily, it is mind destroying as well as debilitating and the hardest part is compromising with it, add to that my OCD and its ridiculous!

This is the decision I’ve made, the final straw, Hattie my 6 year old seeing me fall down the stairs more than once this year, snapping the ligament in my ankle and seeing me have operation number 7 in her lifetime and I have another one to go this year. 

I can’t get a Stannah Stair Lift, It would pull a pinning wall off my house with my weight and it would take an hour to get up 11 stairs!!

If my fairy godmother granted me one wish (although I secretly want 2!) it would be my health, a reboot, to be as med free as possible and so this is what I hope to be a blog of my journey, open and honest and what will become self help to others……

First I need to find a partner who will be my traine Can I get back to this?r, mentor, motivator, Physio and fellow author but in the meantime tiny exercises with Hattie.

#fibromyalgia #acromegaly #mentalhealth #icandoit

If you know me you know it will be a sarcastic journey, I live to laugh like a donkey with a rasp!

The hair is up for discussion x
This will be me again!

3 thoughts on “Fighting Acromegaly, Fibromyalgia and Mental Heath oh and I don’t want a Stannah Stair Lift Party!

  1. Best of everything for you Jacqui. Didn’t know the extent of everything you’ve been through. Love your honesty! You’ve been so so kind to me recently too with all that you are fighting! Love to you and Hattie ❤️ Xx

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