As Light as a Fairy šŸ¦„

I should have written this post 2 days ago but the ghosts of malaise and pain decided to pay me a visit on Tuesday night and are still haunting me (do you see what I did there)!  
So I loved every minute as I experienced walking on the AlterG.  I know, I know, you’re thinking shouldn’t you be running?  The answer is no, Vicky (aka my physio) gave me a firm telling off not to over do it and snap the internal brace in my ankle.  In hindsight, thank god I wasn’t running because my ankle is burning 2 days later.

Right, here we go………

You start off putting on thick skuba material cycling shorts (thank god for XL) which have a zip around the waistband.  With as much grace as possible you step onto or rather into the treadmill and then get zipped into what can only be described as a giant bubble (I tried to fit the word condom in there but it just didn’t work)………

After you have entered your weight šŸ™ˆ105kg, the entire area below your hips and the treadmill is inflated enabling you the freedom movement of your legs.  Now this is when it gets exciting……

Given this was the first time for me walking without my boot, Vicky decided to make I should let my legs feel as if I were a weight of 45kg and suddenly I’m lifted up by the AlterG as it takes 60kg off what I am currently weight bearing.  For those of you that know me, I like to laugh a lot and this whole action prompted a raucous giggle not dissimilar to when I went Segwaying with my besties for my 40th.

And then I start walking and my legs feel like they used to 10 years ago with no pain coursing through them.  Vicky could see I was walking well with a good gait so we increased it to what my actual weight was  10 years ago (53kg) and my right hip immediately started to give so we stayed at 45kg for the 8 mins.

Now if I had my way I would put the AlterG in my pocket and take it with me to a gig so I could once again stand or rather dance in the crowd (not crowd surf, that’s in my past) without being crippled with pain But that ain’t gonna happen so I’ll just have to go back next week armed with a potable sub woofer with which I am of course already booked in for!

Did I mention I had to get off the machine because the #quins rugby guys were waiting for it šŸˆ!

Thanks Vicky for making it fun and not letting me run away with myself! Oh and here is a little video of me (check out those pins!)


#lightasafairy #alterg #bmimountalvernia #iwillbethinagain #happy

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