Day x Day = 1 Week

It’s been a short week this week but that’s irrelevant to the nerve pain in my legs which seems to be switching from leg to leg to keep me on my toes and it now feels like I may have stress fractured my right foot but hey it’s ok because I have enough air cast boots to build a robot….mmmm maybe I could gold leaf them and give them some bling!

So this is how my week went…….

Monday – I tried to take it easy but did loads in the garden and didn’t manage to sit down and it was bed by 7 because I was so tired but then woke up at 3am and that was me awake, tick tock tick tock!

Tuesday – I felt FANATSTIC which is probably just normal to people without Fibromyalgia, I did my Guildford to London Commute to work and had a great day, my boss was over from the US so it was good to catch up and I went home feeling positive and happy.  Bed as usual was 1930, tomorrow I was off to The Brighton Office which is the best working environment I’ve ever worked in!

Wednesday – The 3 times I was actually asleep Hattie woke me up so another shit night of sleep! I woke up feeling fuzzy and exhausted but I had to go to Brighton.  On the drive down I perked up which was a bonus.  The meeting was an all day session and by 1130 I could feel myself start to go……….the fog creeps into my brain, the nerves in my face start fuzzing as if trying to interrupt my good frequency and the roof of my mouth goes numb.  It’s the sign I get telling me malaise is over the horizon.  I sit there willing myself to ignore it so I can appear normal but I’m now in a battle against myself.  I got through the day without anyone noticing but declined going to the pub although inside I’m thinking, “it’s a new job, I should be networking”.  That’s how I’ve changed, I can’t drink like I used to (which is a good thing) and I have to ensure I can get up the next day because the week is never over.

Thursday – I should have gone to London today but I couldn’t.   I knew that was going to happen and I told my boss that before leaving Brighton.  My body was following behind me so I worked from home, by the end of the day I was back to being able to maintain normality again.

My saviour is having the knowledge my company QuintilesIMS and my boss know I have Fibro et al, working from home doesn’t change my output.  I left the world of banking because they don’t accept people with disabilites like mine no matter what they say.

Friday – yeah it’s Friday and I’ve got a day off so I can watch Hattie donher diving later AND I’m going blonde!  I change my hair colour because my body is horrid and it makes me feel like a camelion! 

The moral of my week – you have to make change to manage your life, for me this is very very hard and is a step by step process but the work thing is the best decision I’ve made since my brain was mangled!


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