(in Catholic doctrine) a place or state of suffering inhabited by the souls of sinners who are expiating their sins before going to heaven.

If pain were a sin, I am in pergatory! But how can we cleanse the pain, well so far I’m not doing very well and turning to Oral Morph (aka liquid morphine) isn’t the answer although I have it and in addition to my pharmaceutical medication I am taking garlic, ginger, cod liver oil, vit D and the list goes on……

Tomorrow is my 6 monthly steroid injection intake to keep me moving and to try and stop the nerves in my face going crazy.  Have you ever had injections in the back of your head? It’s nasty! The sound of crunching echoes through your ears as the needle moves into the occipital glands.

The rest of the 14 injections are just as painful as I swear at Mr Needleman and bite down on a pillow being told “you’re doing really well”.  I don’t have any sedation for these, there isn’t any point as it’s better to try and keep your body free from that shit.  Now that my friends is irony! 

There endeth my rant now where was I? Oh yeah, pergatory!

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