All I need is working πŸ‘£ and all my nerves removed πŸ€£πŸ€£

Now I know in the eyes of everyone, I am lucky to have my feet, ankles and indeed legs but in my very short sighted eyes I am NOT!  Last week whilst sat in an office at work, a colleague arrived late to a meeting and was looking to see if was the right room by looking at the feet so as not to be meerkating over the white lines obscuring the rest of me.  When she eventually came in she said “I didn’t think it was you because your only wearing shoes!”.  Of course what she meant was your haven’t got any ankle braces on and I found this hilarious.  Honestly, I should of had one on the right foot!

The minute my left foot had recovered, I fell over stepping down into the bathroom.  The upshot of this is a torn spring ligament and a split tendon on the outside of my ankle in my right foot.  I felt it tear and I sat in the floor in disbelief at my bad bad luck, I mean wtf why me?

4 weeks down the road and 2 injections later, half of my foot is still numb and burning and my calf and foot is cramping nightly.  Friday, I saw my consultant who has treated me for 11 years, that’s 11 years of broken bones, ligaments and tendons.  Positively, my instep hasn’t collapsed but nerve has been damaged hence my foot  being numb an I need surgery to lengthen my achillies again and release my calf muscle.  You see HYPERMOBILITY means I can not get enough stretch in my legs.  I tried to stretch my right calf last night which has resulted in me feeling my instep and heel tear and my achillies now throbbing.
I’m going to request a rack for my birthday, I don’t think it will be torture, I’d love it.

The moral of my story……there isn’t one but I have managed 3 days in the trot in the exercise bike!


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